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Track Name: Zero Plastica - La Pedata di Dio

[G.O.Man]- An young alcoholic, living in disgust. \ Businessmen discuss the stock markets and the price of Gas. \ Life's become a football game\ The poor are treated like bones thrown to rabid dogs.

[Lure]- This goes out to those who fight every day in every way \ This goes out to those who struggle against the system, screaming with their own words \ This goes out to those who free themselves, we will echo your voice\ Staying silent will never bring about change.

[Nio]- Seeds of hope from a land that's been confiscated \ never give up as Peppino Impastato \ middle finger to those who never spoke out or who signed the State's pact

[G.O.Man]- Young people with college degrees stay unemployed \ only bribes get you recognized by the government \ feeling like a stranger either here or there \ as long as you are an immigrant, you will always be considered inferior.

[Ref]. (x2)

[Lure]- This goes out to all the families who resist the pain \ This goes out to the void that can not be explained \ This goes out to every convoy that risks its own life \ to each volunteer who invests his time in LIBERA
[Nio]- They've said that "the Mafia does not exist" (18) and that "we have to live with that" (19) or other bullshit like that \ but all this bloodshed demands Truth & Justice and creates movements like the Gruppo Abele (Abel Group) (20) and Libera!

[G.O.Man]- Social difference is the source of the people's agony \ people stabbing you from behind as you walk the wrong way \ the citizens of this country have been buried alive \ only 1 out of 10 will survive and the rest will be destroyed

[Lure]- This goes out to those who put down their weapons and quit the game \ This goes out to any man in the mafia has repented \ This goes out to those who their hundred steps everyday \ This goes out to those working for the freedom of our entire nation.

FOR AN EXPLANATION OF LYRICS: http://zero-plastica.blogspot.it/2012/04/zero-plastica-la-pedata-di-dio-lyrics.html