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by Veteran Cosmic Rocker

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In mid 2010, the beat-collective VETERAN COSMIC ROCKER joined forces with rapper SPIRITED SAGE to participate in Senegal's Festa2H.

The Festa2H is a hiphop festival in and around Dakar put on annually by the Africulturban community center in Pikine.
Founded by rap and slam pioneer MATADOR, the Africulturban serves as a radiostation, recording studio, performance space and educational facility. Representatives from all corners of the globe meet there to host workshops in dance, beatcrafting, poetry, grafitti and DJ'ing - just to name a few.

It was over the course of a series of workshops that VCR & SS decided they didn't have much to teach the plethora of talents present - instead, the time should be used to explore some new creative aspects of music production.

Transcending the limits of the spoken language, the project evolved quickly through mutual musical understanding. Contributions from a wide variety of artists - Matador, Mustaf, Staz, Monza, As One, BelbH, MC Butcho, X, Simba, Aboubacr, Ode, Barham, David & Aliou - have all given their own perspective on the world, and under a banner of peace, love, unity & having fun, now present a complete studio album that denounces the world of borders and nationalities we are forced to live in every day - and instead unites us as human beings.

All profits from album sales go to the Africulturban Community Center in Pikine, Senegal.

1. Intro- Lady Corinna
2. Dioko- Simba, Mustaf, Aboubacr & Ode
3. Tioki Faim- Matador
4. Conquest- BelbH, X & Staz
5. Jamrek, Peace & Love- Spirited Sage & Barham
6. Aya Aya- Matador
7. Safonté- Mustaf
8. DK Funky Blue- Staz
9. On Se Fou- MC Butcho & Spirited Sage
10. DKtoDK- Spirited Sage, Mustaf, Matador, Monza, As One & Staz
11. My People- Mustaf, David, Aliou & Spirited Sage

Spirited Sage is an emcee from Denmark. As One hails from Guinea Bissau and Monza from Mauritania. The rest of the crew are all part of the Africulturban Collective, based out of Pikine, Dakar, Senegal.

Many thanks:
FIRST and foremost, Ciré - you da man! All the artists on this album - Simba, Mustaf, Aboubacr, Ode, Matador, BelbH, X, Staz, Barham, Butcho, Monza, As One, David, Aliou, Corinna, Grethe, Oliver, Nicky, Arghtemis, Åkepontus, Mike, Köan, Jägstein & Sage - your contribution, participation, reflection and dedication was a pleasure and a privelege. Amadou - the mastermind! Africulturbane, Shit, Mamadou, Amar, Ché, Ame Kana, XXX, DJ Oz, sauce piment, fish heads & rice, goat-on-a-stick, Gazelle beer... DJAJEUF!!

All our people in Denmark for help and support! Jonalarren for yet another badass cover, Louise, Kriswontwo for fly flix, Lasse Kofod, Greenshades:music, Smokers' Choice, Fergus, Amir, Møffe, Gonzalez, Aziz, Murphy, Lassemayn, Titty, Charlie, Linda - and the rest of you...

Big Ups: Jan & Mona @ Around, Nomadic Wax, SuperShivani @ HipHopHarmony, Amir @ BazarMusicShop


released May 13, 2011

Produced: Veteran Cosmic Rocker

Vocals: Lady Corinna, Simba, Mustaf, Aboubacr, Ode, Matador, BelbH, X, Staz, Spirited Sage, Barham, MC Butcho, As One, Monza, and Aliou.

Keys: Koan Kurz (All, except #4)

Bass: Jagstein Mohn (#10, 11)

Guitar: Akepontus Jarvinen (#11)

Drums: Miraculous Mike (#2, 10)

Cuts: DJ Grethe (#2, 10)

Choir: Oliver Klohzoff, Arghtemis Foul (#5, 9)

Graphic Design: Phantom Art (Jonas Larsen)

Written, and recorded in Africulturban, Dakar, Senegal.

Mixed and mastered by Exampler, Lord Acton and Spirited Sage in The Profactory, Copenhagen, Denmark



all rights reserved


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