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Basta! – that famous Italian word for enough! – is Italian rap group Zero Plastica’s latest record release. A powerful cry against Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi’s corrupt and propaganda-led system, Basta! was symbolically released in Italy on April 25. The date marks the anniversary of Liberation Day in Italy, which not only ended the Second World War, but also ended years of fascist oppression.
Zero Plastica has once again proven that their music is completely in sync with the grassroots feeling across their country. Just over a month after the release of Basta!, Italy’s leading coalition, led by Berlusconi, was voted out of power in many large Italian cities, including the man’s bastion, Milan. In moments crowds gathered, and tens of thousands of people rallied in jubilation.
Basta! gives you a snapshot of what it is like living in Italy today- with over thirty years of Silvio Berlusconi's propaganda, the Italian people are tired, frustrated and angry. He is one of Italy’s richest men, exercising his control over large portions of television and newspaper, making Italian mass media a center piece for his perverted values and distorted visions. Protected by laws he has changed in his favor, he has been involved – but never brought to justice – in scandals ranging from corruption and bribery, to relations with the mafia and sex with underage girls.
Basta! was recorded and mixed by Roberto Gabrielli at Basement UnderGround Studios in Genoa and mastered by Dan Cantor at Notable Productions in Boston, USA. The record was produced by Nomadic Wax, an American independent record label based in New York and is distributed by iTunes and World Hip Hop Market ( The record is a mix of classic rap, funky beats, reggae dancehall vibes, and influences ranging from classical music to world roots - a brand new genre for the Italian hip-hop scene.
Zero Plastica has a long history of rapping about political and social issues – they tackle the relationship between the mafia and the government,  corruption and the Vatican, the thousands of African immigrants dying in the Mediterranean sea while trying to reach Italian coasts, and everyday struggles from workers rights to unemployment. The Genoese group has the courage to talk about all the subjects commonly ignored by Italian national media.  In July 2011 they released “Ge8” a single commemorating the 10th anniversary of the bloody G8 summit that took place in Genoa, Italy. It got much critical claim, even though the group was rapping about the city’s wounds and the government’s inability to provide justice for those wrongfully arrested and tortured by the policy.
Through their courage and conviction, Zero Plastica has been noticed by MTV, who interviewed members of the group in July of 2011 for a documentary that is to be aired on Italian television. They have also received attention from other news sources like the BBC, as well as Berklee University, who invited the group to guest speak about rap and freedom of speech in Italy.
Zero Plastica is composed of Dj, Mc and Producer Nio, Funky Lure, and Tunisian rapper G.O. Man. They have opened for world-renowned artists such as Shaggy, George Clinton & Funkadelic, Alborosie, David Rodigan among others.
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Nomadic Wax (U.S.A.)
+1.917.225-8472 (Ben Herson)
+1.301.467-6406 (Magee McIlvaine)

Zero Plastica (Italy)
Mobile: +39.328.1392102 (Erik)


released April 25, 2011

Producers, musicians and singers: Nio, Lure, G.O.Man Xtrazik, Mardok, RobiGabri, Sergio Limuti, Riccardo "K" Kalb, Rollo, Rino a.k.a. Sisma Man and Della, Bobby Soul, EnterPraux, Dudu, Raphael (Eazy Skankers), Riccardo and Simone Regosa, Dj Bud Lee (latobesodelafazenda), Marco Fadda, Emiliano E.M.I. Bugatti, Toni La Corte, Tato a.k.a. Dr.Ricci, Enrico Bosio (EnRoco), Alessandro Ginevri, Davide Otranto, Amilcar Delgado Borrero, Cristiano Ferrevoux, Bob Quadrelli, Michela La Fauci, Mattia Tommasini, Max Producer (Groovenauti), Cenzi.

Mixed by: RobiGabri @ Basement UnderGround Studio (Genova, Italy)

Mastered by: Dan Cantor @ Notable Production (Boston, U.S.A.)

Executive Producers: Zero Plastica

Management: Nomadic Wax
Contact (Italy): +39.328-139-2102
Contact (U.S.A.): +1.917-225-8472

Design: Max Prod -



all rights reserved


Nomadic Wax New York, New York

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