1. World Hip Hop Women: SoundSIStem
    Various Artists (mixed by DJ LaJedi)

  2. DC2DK Mixtape (Various Artists)
    Mixed by Dj Nio

  3. One MIC Festival Mixtape
    Various Artists (mixed by Dj Boo)

  4. Diaspora Mixtape Vol. 2
    Various Artists (Mixed by DJ Boo)

  5. Super Mc
    Various Artists (Produced by Dj Nio)

  6. Internationally Known
    Various Artists (Mixed by Dj Nio)

  7. African Ego Trip
    Various Artists (Produced by Dj Nio)

  8. World Cup Mixtape

  9. Say Word

  10. Basta!
    Zero Plastica

  11. Democracy in Haiti Mixtape
    Various Artists (Mixed by Dj Nio)

  12. Democracy in Burundi Mixtape


  14. Home (Housing Is A Human Right)
    Various Artists (Mixed by DJ Boo)

  15. Nomadic Wax Presents... Live From Zimbabwe
    DJ RBI (Various Artists)

  16. World Hip Hop Women: From The Sound Up
    Mixed by DJ LaJedi

  17. Internationally Known Vol. 3
    Mixed by DJ Plain View

  18. Internationally Known Vol. 2
    Various Artists

  19. Super MC v2
    Various Artists

  20. Nomadic Wax Singles And Mixtapes

  21. Histoires d'un Continent
    Yao Bobby

  22. Une vie, une douleur, une victorie
    Poetes Fysiks

  23. Diaspora Mixtape Vol. 1
    Various Artists

  24. Diamant & Miroir
    Faso Kombat

  25. Freedom
    Sen Kumpe

  26. Thawra: Youth & Hip Hop in the Arab World [Special News Piece]
    Various Artists

  27. African Underground: The Depths of Dakar

  28. Mapito
    Bab Kubwa

  29. Geum Len Sen Bopp
    Master Nomilla

  30. Lamine Touré & Group Saloum
    Lamine Touré

  31. Nomadic Wax In The Media

  32. Nomadic Wax Radio

  33. African Underground Vol 1- HipHop Senegal

  34. Veteran Cosmic Rocker Presents... DKtoDK
    Veteran Cosmic Rocker

  35. Ma Ma Ma
    Faso Kombat

  36. FREE DOWNLOAD: Noumou Koradioulou

  37. Nomadic Wax: Zimbabwe Election Special
    Various Artists

  38. House of Hunger
    Comrade Fatso & Chabvondoka

  39. Big up GB Mixtape

  40. Comme Les Autres
    El Señor Igor


Nomadic Wax New York, New York

Nomadic Wax uses music, media and the arts to promote social change and cultural exchange, creates educational opportunities for people to learn about issues of global importance though media and entertainment and is a platform for socially engaged musicians, media producers and artists worldwide to spread their message and reach a global audience. ... more

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